Riva Finance Group defines its commitment to sustainable development in three areas: environmental protection, supporting local communities and broadly understood corporate governance.

The eco-efficiency is in line with the priority business objectives of the Group’s companies i.e. lowering costs, strengthening reputation, risk management and increasing revenues. By investing in this area, companies strive for the optimal use of resources, which allows to reduce the impact on the environment and generate additional benefits in the form of increased efficiency, cost reduction or image building, including strengthening relationships with business partners.

We are happy to be involved in supporting the African communities. Our global philosophy of the entire Group places great emphasis on respect for people and the natural environment and the creation of positive values by contributing to the development of local communities and ecosystems. We are aware that it is our corporate responsibility to implement this philosophy in all day-to-day business activities. In this way, as Riva Finance Group, we can show that human life, freedom from poverty and support for education in the poorest regions of the world are our priority, therefore we are willing to engage in charity activities supporting foundations that care for the well-being of members of African communities.

On a daily basis, we follow the key values for our corporate culture, such as respect, commitment and sustainable development, and the basis of the economic success of the entire Riva Finance Capital Group is fairness, equality and credibility. We consistently invest in improving the qualifications of our employees, show them an individual career path and support them in their personal and professional development. We are convinced that our employees are and will be our best capital.