Over 3,000 projects of local spatial development plans, studies of conditions and directions of spatial development, plans of motorways and metro lines developed for the government, cities and communes.
Over 100 completed investment projects in the field of real estate, enterprise restructuring and investment financing in Poland.
Over 100 investment and spatial planning projects under development, worth over EUR 700 million.
Over 100 companies within the structure of Riva Finance Capital Group as well as competent and experienced managers who have been operating on the European financial, real estate, restructuring and spatial planning markets for over 50 years.

Projects in progress

As a land developer, Riva Group is preparing new properties for investors and developers. By purchasing, obtaining the necessary decisions, approvals and documentation, restructuring in financial…


Sustainable development

The sustainable development is part of our company’s culture and is an integral part of our strategy. We always do our best to act in such a way as to balance economic, ecological and social aspects.