As an investor specialising in the restructuring and valuation off investment properties, Riva Finance has acquired and remarketed over 100 investments. Through direct capital and personal involvement, we have an impressive portfolio of completed investments.

Rembielińska Warsaw

Rembielińska Wyszogrodzkiej - 500 apartments and 20 000 m2 of shopping and office centre with a value of approx. USD 150 million
own development investment with commercialisation.

Wiktorska 65 Warsaw

Residential and commercial building, 25 apartments, approximate value USD 10 million
own development investment, project, construction.

Wiktorska 63 Warsaw

Office building 3 000 m2, approximate value USD 15 million, the headquarters of ING Bank Śląski Hipoteczny
own development investment, project, construction and commercialisation.

Wawelska Warsaw

20 ha -,,Klub Skra” investment area, approximate project value USD 400 million
sale, investment preparation, advisory.

Batorego 16 and 18 Warsaw

Office building 3 100 m2 of usable and residential area, approximate value USD 12 million
real estate purchase, restructuring and sale to a developer.

Prądzyńskiego Warsaw

Prądzyńskiego corner of Kolejowa Street, 20 000 m2, approximate value USD 3 million
sale, investment preparation.

Auchan Puławska Warsaw

30 ha, investment area, approximate value EUR 10 million
sale, advisory.

Marynin Warsaw

Investment area 0,8 ha, project 15 000 m2 of usable area, project value USD 30 million
land purchase, investment preparation.

Bogusławskiego Warsaw

Residential building 4 600 m2 of usable and residential area, approximate project value USD 8 million
land purchase, investment preparation.

Łowicka Warsaw

Łowicka corner of Dąbrowskiego street, Warsaw, investment terrain, 5 000 m2 – 70 apartments, value of the building executed by the Investor – ca. 14M USD,
agency and exclusive commercialisation of the apartments